Thirteen Traditional Crafts of Bhutan

Art and Crafts of Bhutan
Thag-Zo Textile Industry of Bhutan is integral part of its Life and Cultural Heritage. Eastern Bhutan's Women are skilled at weaving textiles from Cotton, Raw Cotton and Silk with intricate motifs. Khoma Village in Lhuentse is famous for Kushithara while Rahi and Bidung are known for Bura Textiles. Bhutanese weavers primarily use four types of Looms, Blackstrap Loom, horizontal Fixed Loom, Horizontal Framed Loom and Card Loom, of which predominant type is Indigenous Back-Strap Loom. (more…)

Indian Egg Shell Artist Harwinder Singh Gill

Egg Shell Artist India
Indian Egg Artist Harwinder Singh Gill displays his creation, a Portrait of US president Barack Obama and Indian Map Carved in a Duck’s Egg Shell, in Amritsar on 23rd Jan 2015. According to Harwinder, who is a dental hygienist by profession, each egg requires eight days to be carved, tremendous patience and concentration. Source: Jan 2015 

Jammu & Kashmir Handicrafts

Kashmiri Carpet
The Handicrafts of Jammu & Kashmir have acquired worldwide fame for their exquisite refinement and aesthetic elegance. These crafts have great diversity and demand. There are nearly 2.50 lacs artisans directly dependent upon handicrafts in the State for their livelihood and there is still great potential for more employment to be generated in this sector if markets are expanded and demand is increased. Presently, our handicrafts earn around Rs.1700 crores as foreign exchange every year. (more…)

Indian Arts and Handicrafts

The Crafts of India are Diverse, Rich in History and Religion. The Craft of each State in India Reflect the Influence of Different Empires. Throughout Centuries, Crafts have been Embedded as a Culture and Tradition within Rural Communities. (more…)

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