Showcasing Art, Handicrafts, Paintings and Hand Made Products in E-Retail

AspKom, a Socio-Commercial Initiative by Ms. Komal Chauhan, Young Women Entrepreneur having experience of over 2 Years into Branding, Marketing, Advertising and Client Servicing comes up with a E-Retail Marketplace which will enable the Artisans, Craftsmen and Creative Professionals to Showcase and Sell their Art Forms over this Upcoming Marketplace.

Although the Concept of E-Retailing and E-Commerce in this Segment is not new, but still AspKom promises to come up with a difference in the way it is implemented. Firstly it focuses on the Artists and Craftsmen which represent Cultural, Tribal or Traditional Heritage and are still way in coming up with the organized structure to market their products. Due to lack of standard pricing, profiling and showcasing mediums, they are greatly dependent on middle-men, and still are unable to get the true value for their skill. Secondly, AspKom not just focuses only on E-Retail but will work on 360 Degree Model, where Tie-Ups with other Cross Networks, Event Partners, Participate as well as Organize Art Fairs and Exhibitions will also be a part of Marketing Strategy.

We are here not to sell anything and everything, our selection of Vendors, Artists and Craftsmen is quite selective, so as to ensure our customers that they are shopping something Real, Original and it’s Value actually contributes for the benefit of its end creator.

Idea of AspKom came while connecting people over social networks having skills to create artifacts and masterpieces out of Paper, Wood, Metal, Glass, Clay etc. but for them the challenge always had been to showcase themselves and market their products. Description of any Art Form goes somewhat beyond Size, Color or Weight; it essentially needs a Story, Significance and Profile of its Creator. So AspKom not just provides platform for Product Showcase, but also covers its Story and Details. Therefore for any Art Lover, it’s not just providing a Shopping Experience but also a source of information about various traditional, cultural Art Forms and Profiles of its Creators.

Komal Chauhan (Founder and Director)

Komal Chauhan

Under the Leadership, Business Acumen and Passion of Ms. Komal, having 2++ Years of Experience in Business Development, Branding, Marketing and Consulting, AspKom comes up with a commitment to Deliver Quality. Although being a E-Retail Marketplace Model, our Vendor Enlisting is still Selective.

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